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NDS and CDC join forces

Northwest Data Services (NDS) is proud to announce its new subsidiary: Control Designer. An extension of a successful Orlando‐based company, Control Designer is a full‐service custom electronics, design and integration firm that provides residential and commercial automation services. Control Designer specializes in smart homes, networking and automation systems that control audio, video, lighting, energy, heating, shades, security, cameras, door locks, entry gates, and more. They utilize the latest technologies to make homes and businesses cost‐conscious, energy‐efficient, and easy‐to‐use.

But what are smart homes anyway? You may have heard of smart ovens, smart refrigerators, and smart washing machines, but what makes an item smart? And what determines whether or not you live in a smart home? Control Designer can tell you that smart home automation isn’t about connecting your coffee machine to the Internet but it’s when you can turn all the lights on, lower the shades and adjust the thermostat at the same time with your phone. Let Control Designer be your guide to smart technology.

cell phone home controller“We're really excited about this endeavor because it's a fantastic marriage of complementing talents,” says Jon Quinn, Chief Operating Officer for NDS. An information technology company, NDS specializes in personalized technology solutions for residences and businesses. NDS has 20 years of IT support experience and, according to Quinn, “the biggest technical support team in the region, plus a ton of commercial wiring experience for network and phone systems, including professionally installed structured wiring and fiber optic solutions.” Control Designer brings 15 years of expertise in commercial and residential building automation and custom audio‐visual‐lighting and media systems to the relationship. Curtis LeMaster, Senior Designer and Programmer for Control Designer, says they “look forward to creating the perfect systems for both residential and commercial with a strong network backbone to provide immediate support and reliability.”

Both Quinn and LeMaster have experienced the convergence of their fields over the last several years. LeMaster states “the partnership between our companies seems almost natural due to the huge demand for a robust network at the heart of the home automation system.” According to Quinn, networks and media are now irreversibly intertwined and the new partnership “will leverage the best of both worlds and provide our customers with end‐to‐end technology support.”

As a green building advocate, Control Designer designs new homes, or remodels existing homes, to meet the needs and cell phone home controller 1comforts of today’s residents while maintaining environmental integrity and considering the requirements of future generations. Control Designer works closely with its clients to reduce their energy usage through home automation, help them save money, maintain environmental sustainability, and provide for our future world citizens.

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Together, we look forward to helping you transition into the automated world of smart homes and mobile control!

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