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Windows Computer/Server Backup for Businesses

For business server and important data backup, we recommend and use Datto Backup Solutions. These is a proficient tool for Server Backups, and Business Continutiy Solutions. The Datto allows for cloud and local backups, that can be virtualized in a short time for fast disaster recovery!


Windows Computer Backup for Home or Small Business

We recommend Acronis True Image.  It is what we use in our repair center whenever you bring your computer to us to be fixed.  It can do full automated backups so you can rest easy knowing that your computer is being backed up.


Should I do an online backup?

When you do a backup you should always have what is called an offsite backup.  Most people say they will take their backups offsite but never do.  That is where an automated offsite backup is great.  It continually backs your files up offsite, safely and securely.  We recommend Crashplan for your offsite backup service.  Crashplan has a subscription that allows for unlimited offsite backup space!

Get it today!wp7-crashplan-plus-pro.png


I need a way to keep documents in sync across computers.

dropbox_logoFor file syncing across computers we recommend Dropbox.  As soon as you save a file on one computer it is synced to all your other computers too.  You can even sync between different operating systems: Windows, Mac or Linux.


RingCentral Fax - Hosted Faxing

Get rid of your fax machine. Try RingCentralWith the most advanced Internet fax features available anywhere at any price, RingCentral Fax lets your prospective customers send and receive faxes in a snap - from Microsoft® Office, email or their phones. Free fax software is included to electronically sign and edit faxes and design cover pages.

Incoming and outgoing faxes don't tie up computers or phone lines - no one will ever get a busy signal! And your prospective customers won't even have to wait to see if a fax has been successfully sent with automatic fax notification.


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