Managed Services

No extras, no hidden fees, 100% satisfaction guaranteed…


As a managed service provider, our goal is to deploy high quality systems that maximize productivity and minimize downtime.
We put a premium on proactive and preventative maintenance and will work to ensure that your technology is a competitive advantage for your business, not a liability.


Today’s modern business cannot tolerate downtime or data loss, so we deploy remote management and monitoring systems that help you avoid system failure, prevent network disruption, and secure your data. We will help you understand and monitor your employee’s online habits and prevent them from compromising the integrity of your data, and your uptime. NDS provides a blended defense solution that provides security for inbounds traffic like email, gateway security that filters traffic at the firewall level, endpoint protection for all connected devices, and even behavioral controls for employee use of the network and internet.

Any successful business has a great communications system that includes digital, voice, and mobility. NDS only sells and deploys fully supported enterprise-grade solutions from providers like Microsoft and NEC. Whether you’re a medical clinic, a group of mobile professionals, a hotel property, or a more traditional office environment, we can customize a package that meets your needs and your budget. We believe in selling solutions that are fully supported by the manufacturer, in training in-depth on those systems, and we only use the solutions we sell for our own business needs.

Are you tired of the IT budget being a moving target? Every business is unique, but we’ve got over 20 years of experience supporting every kind of business, network, and phone system. We know what works… we know what stinks. NDS will customize a solution that ROCKS! to match your business and your budget including all the hardware, licensing, training, and support that you need to succeed.

No extras, no hidden fees, 100% satisfaction guaranteed…