Phone Systems

Decades of experience with communications solutions.

Offering the most reliable and robust systems on the market.

NDS has been an authorized NEC dealer for over 20 years and is the largest dealer in the region. NEC is a proven leader in communication systems and provides the most reliable and robust systems on the market.  NDS has also partnered with Spectrum VoIP to offer a premium hosted solution for today’s mobile professionals.  

We have decades of experience with communications solutions and know that one size does not fit all business needs.

PBX/Premise IP Phone Systems

As a trusted NEC dealer for over 2 decades NDS installs the most complex PBX systems available and can offer fully supported solutions that include Video Conferencing, Unified Communications, Call Accounting, Call Recording, and CRM integration.

VoIP Hosted Phone Systems

The last year has shown us how important it’s become for today’s businesses to be able to have the flexibility to work from home or from anywhere with an internet connection.  Our hosted solution from Spectrum VoIP offers all of the features of a traditional PBX, but with the benefits of a cloud-based architecture that makes it easy to decentralize your operations.

SIP Trunks, PRI Trunks

Do you already have a phone system in place? Keep your existing equipment and replace your expensive traditional phone lines with SIP to get better service, more capacity, and a MUCH lower cost.

Microsoft Teams has exploded in use over the last year with organizations of all sizes flocking to it as the premiere collaboration and video meeting application in the marketplace today.  NDS can help you take Teams to the next level by transforming it into your phone system completely, or by using a unique integration from Call2Teams to merge Teams and your existing PBX solution into 1 fully-functional solution.

Traditional Digital Phone Systems

The wiring in some buildings prohibits installing the latest IP systems without expensive rewiring, but NEC offers traditional digital phones that have the same features as their newer IP based counterparts. Being able to deploy digital terminals, or a hybrid solution with both IP and digital, can help keep the costs of replacing your existing system under control while leveraging all the latest Unified Communications features of a brand-new system.

Got Mobile?

All our NEC phone solutions offer the latest integration with your mobile devices. Today’s mobile professional might just prefer to abandon the desk phone altogether, so you can carry all the features of your PBX with you through an app on your mobile device!