Tech Bench

Let our knowledgeable staff get you up and running!

Antivirus, Efficiency, Storage, Data Recovery, Affordability

Come in and visit our tech bench where we have knowledgeable staff who perform service
on a first-come-first-served basis and quickly get your back up and running!

Viruses, Scams & Phishing

Unfortunately the smartest people have computers that get infected by viruses or get scammed by what seems like a legitimate source. We help you clear viruses or malware and educate you on how to prevent it as best as possible in the future. Because we see so much of this on a regular basis, we can tell you how threatening the virus or scam may be and how to recover from the event. Also, we stay current on the best antivirus options and can help you make a decision on the best prevention.

How to Spend Your Tech Dollars

As much as you spend on your fancy computer, all computers have parts that fail eventually. We’ve been able to help loads of customers make the decision whether to invest in their aging machine or put their money into a new machine. Sometimes it’s an easy fix!

Speed & Efficiency

We can remove bloatware, malware, or viruses that are slowing your computer down. A solid state drive may make your dreams come true since they are a significantly faster option than the traditional hard drive and have no moving parts so less chance of getting damaged.

Storage Space

We can help you by imaging your data over to a bigger drive, get you more space with a second internal drive or an external drive, or guide you through how to remove items to make room on your current drive.


Thankfully our tech bench minimum charge is for only ½ hour whereas our onsite minimum is 1 hour so this is a more economical option. Also, we are on your side and will always keep cost in mind. We will help you decide what to do within your budget.

Data Recovery

Maybe most importantly we can help you select one or multiple backup solutions so that if you do have to start over, you have the data. Alternatively, if you don’t have a backup, we have other, unfortunately more expensive, ways to possibly recover your data.